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 2 option to get coj again

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PostSubject: 2 option to get coj again   Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:50 pm

Hello to all dangers I have found this site where you can buy coj 2 for 49.oo dollars and they give you for a bonus coj 1 free the full version ok that's the first option the second one, is also you can buy coj 1 for a cheap price that's 9.00 dollars I don't know how much that's in you country. But is cheap cuz you go to other store and the game cost 20.00 dollars and also the game you can download direct to you pc and is safe in you accont of ubisoft for the whole life you can download the game anytime you want. Ok that's the only way you will play coj again, because ubisoft found the everyone was playing with a same account ok I hope this help. thank you to everyone and have a good day and I hope to see you soon in coj 1 or coj 2.

NOT3: site name is
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2 option to get coj again
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